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The 34 sites in the webring have received 55013 hits

<<Prism BBS
Hq of the IFDC FileGate and the Programmers Distribution Network. <<Prism has been online since 1989. - 3420 hits - 11-February-2003

BGD Consulting and Graphics BBS
BGDCAG BBS has been around since the early 90's. We are always looking for ways to update the BBS. Doors are always being added. Stop by for a visit. - 1733 hits - 7-February-2005

The Realm of Darkness BBS
A Linux based BBS running in Phoenix, AZ - 2509 hits - 3-December-2004

Fidonet Region 13
Home page for Fidonet Region 13. - 2126 hits - 20-August-2004

BBBS Charlotte and Home Page
Web Page of N4RPS, Rob Sargeant, and Web portal for BBBS Charlotte, a Fidonet BBS located in Charlotte, North Carolina USA (1:379/2). - 3587 hits - 6-November-2003

Perl for FTN Systems
Fidonet/FTN related Perl scripts or applications and/or links to such. - 268 hits - 27-April-2006

2:5004/75. Register as fidonet point
fidonet 2:5004/75 site. Here you can register as fidonet point with binkp or nntp access to echoareas. Welcome for new fidonet points! - 0 hits - 2-July-2006

The Ouija Board
A friendly place to be for mail, files, games, newsgroups, chatting. - 154 hits - 5-June-2006

The Thunderbolt -- A Weather Wonder
Website promoting my hobbies, including The Thunderbolt BBS - 2025 hits - 26-December-2004

Rocasa BBS
Rocasa BBS is a system accessible as both a traditional Bulletin Board System, via landline or telnet, as well as via the Web for message and file access. It is also the home of the BBBS FDN. - 2455 hits - 16-June-2003
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