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The 34 sites in the webring have received 55013 hits

Nervion BBS
Nervion BBS is a telnetable BBS located in Sevilla, Spain. Node of Fidonet since 1999. It can organize games of VGA-Planets through Fidonet and Internet. Fidonet: 2:345/432 - 1564 hits - 23-May-2005

Fidonet - Net261 - Maryland
Fidonet in Maryland - Net261 - 2443 hits - 2-March-2003

Cyberia BBS
Cyberia BBS has lots more that doorgames and files. We have BBS Reviews, Movie Reviews, User Chat and more. No Personal Info required, and full access on your first call. - 1515 hits - 13-July-2005

The Elflords' Home
Where the FidoMob meets to exercise it's mysterious control over Zone 1 - 3047 hits - 2-March-2003

BinkD: A TCP/IP FTN Mailer
Binkd is a fidonet ip mailer program. This site is supported by one of th binkd developer. - 1006 hits - 6-November-2005

FTN Gate
Fidonet related site; including especially DNS hosting for domains. - 2303 hits - 18-September-2004
The Fidonet Site for all sysops. - 2817 hits - 10-February-2003

The Ouija Board
A website devoted to online gaming, Fidonet, and amateur(HAM)radio. - 544 hits - 28-January-2006

The Rusty MailBox - Home on the Web!
The Rusty MailBox is Fidonet Node 1:153/757. Files/Messages/Chat - 154 hits - 21-May-2006

tOtAl dRiVe gRoUp
mp3, fidnet soft, help node request - 1070 hits - 11-October-2005
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