Ramblings in Fidonews!

Ramblings in Fidonews!
By Shannon Talley
12 Dec 05

     The Fidonews Editor is displaying Anti-American Semitism by his recent writings in the Fidonet Fidonews Echo. This is the editor of the Fidonews newsletter that was invented and first distributed in the United States.

     In one of his recent statements published in the FidoNews discussion echo, the Fidonews editor, Bj”rn Felten stated, "So you regard yourself as his kind of people too? You know, the arrogant USAian [the editor's use of this term is meant to insult Americans] kind of people that knows-it-all and rules the world because you can. The kind of people that, for half a century, has toppled more democratically elected governments, just to install the most despicable dictators the world has ever seen in it's place, than anyone can even keep count of." (Felten, 11 Dec 2005) In another article he wrote, "Your kind of people are brainwashed to think that Muslim is just another word for Terrorist, and that, ergo, each and everyone of the 1150 million Muslims in the world are notorious liars." (Felten, 11 Dec 2005 {2})

     In another even more recent post, Bj”rn Felton accuses another member of Fidonet of being an American as though it were an insult, "What are you? Still a rag worshipping, stars & striped fanatical, kind of person?" (Felten, 11 Dec 2005 {3})

     Bj”rn Felton on Patriotism, "Don't you realize that you have been brainwashed? Patriotism is the basis of all the ill doings that has been taking place in human history, and it's people like you, that uncritically swallow the rag worshipping shit forced upon you, from the very first years, that are the very foundation of it all." (Felten, 12 Dec 2005)

     As a member of Fidonet, I'm ashamed that we have a someone so vocal with his hatred toward the United States in a position of authority. It is his right to have an individual opinion, but is this the kind of objectiveness one should vocalize as the Editor of the Fidonews Newsletter?

     He continuously rejects submissions to the newsletter from most of the U.S. based contributors, and instead publishes the weekly newsletter with NO content at all; just an empty shell.

     I think it's time that he resigns from his position and appoints someone who actually cares about doing the job. But, that's just my opinion. What's your opinion?
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